Samrakshana is a house mainly for children of life convicts or who are otherwise also distitutes. They are offered a loving and safe home and their needs are taken care of, covering the shelter, food, clothing, schooling including fees, books, uniform, transportation, etc.

For the mistakes or punishable acts committed by parents, generally in a fit of anger, why should their children suffer? If the only earning member in a family is put behind bars, undergoing life imprisonment, what would be the fate of the children in that family? Should they fall into bad company and engage in anti-social activities? Will the society treat them properly? These are the questions for which many would be searching for answers? The home for children had 4 inmates in 2002. The number reached 25 in 2007 and at present it is twenty. All are studying in Pragathi Model High school (English Medium), 2 Kms from the home. The eldest is in 10th class and the youngest in Nursery. All the children are given shelter, food, clothing, and education. To strengthen the children’s knowledge base, tuitions by experienced teachers after school hours, are arranged. The children score high percentage of marks in their exams, all most always with an average score well above the school’s average. Several children from the home became engineering graduates with some preparations to appear in civil service examinations. Their day starts with yoga. All children are taught high moral values and they practice good manners. All encouragement is given for extracurricular activities in which they are interested.

The home is run on donations. Impressed with the performance of the children and the services being rendered by SVCT, State Bank of India donated “Swaraj Mazda” bus with capacity of 25 to meet the transport needs of the children, out of the total cost of Rs.7.5 lacs, the bank donated Rs.6.7 lakhs. Several children are specifically supported by name, by third hearted donors.

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